The History of Wampler

Learn more about our history, our passions, and what sets us apart as community developers.

The History of Wampler Development Company

In 1994, Allan and Mary Ellen Wampler founded Synergy Real Estate Corporation, which is now known as Wampler Development Company, on their strong sense of community and local impact. Building on their prior years of experience affecting real and positive change in local communities, they crafted Synergy with similar ambitions.

Prior to founding Synergy, Allan served as Vice President of Development for 11 successful years for a well-known, intergenerational Family Office. Allan was responsible for increasing the value of the Family Office’s portfolio of over 110 commercial leases.

At the same time, Mary Ellen served as Associate Director of Corporate Volunteerism at the Volunteer Action Center of the United Way for five years. By working directly with a variety of corporate executives and government officials in the Pittsburgh region, she successfully built and implemented programs that allowed local businesses to serve local communities through volunteerism.

Furthering his sense of direct community impact, Allan was appointed as the first Director of Economic Development for Allegheny County (Pittsburgh).  Allan worked on implementing public policy to make positive changes for individuals, businesses, and the 130 unique communities in the county.

In 1994, Allan and Mary Ellen Wampler leveraged their unique and complementary experiences with commercial real estate and community development to found Synergy Real Estate Corporation. The company was established on the ideals of community, long-term value, and development sustainability.

Formation of Wampler Development Company

Over the years, Mary Ellen and Allan worked hard side-by-side to grow Synergy from one business into many real estate development entities. The Synergy team has even grown in numbers to welcome Allan and Mary Ellen’s daughters, Caitlin and Emily. On the 30th anniversary of Synergy Real Estate Corporation, the family decided to rebrand their company and change the name to Wampler Development Company. Collectively, the Wamplers have built value through creativity, calculated risk-taking, and prayer. As such, the family has been blessed with amazing outcomes built upon their ideals.  

Wampler Development’s expertise and approach to commercial real estate development have been sought after by clients such as The Pennsylvania State University; United States Steel Corporation; The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission; public transit systems in Tampa, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh; airports in Colorado, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Utah; several major regional electric power companies; and many others.

Today, Wampler Development operates as a successful commercial real estate developer, broker, and advisor, with the goal of always creating projects that are sustainable and stable providing long-term value to communities, families, and investors.

Stability Resulting from Multi-Generational Leadership

Over several decades, the Wampler family has evolved from real estate consultants and brokers to developers of various successful commercial real estate properties. Since joining Wampler Development Company, Caitlin and Emily have been active in all aspects of the business, including:

  • Investor Recruitment & Relations
  • Strategic Partnership Formation
  • Commercial Leasing
  • Financing
  • Cash Flow Analysis and Forecasting
  • Location Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Asset Management
  • Property Management

Emily has direct experience analyzing and underwriting assets for a debt fund and excels at building diversified portfolios that deliver consistent returns to investors.

Caitlin has a breadth of experience with various commercial properties including site selection, site purchase/sales negotiations, construction management, lease negotiations, bank financing, and asset management.

Together, Caitlin and Emily leverage their complementary skills to build a cash-flowing portfolio for valued investors.

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